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About Tony Berkeley

Tony is a civil engineer whose career spans designing and building bridges, dams, ports and harbours and the Channel Tunnel, where he played a leading role in the construction and public affairs operation for 15 years. From 1994, he led the Piggyback Consortiium, developing new ways of carrying trucks on trains, before becoming Chairman of the Rail Freight Group, industry body of the rail freight sector. Tony Berkeley is currently adviser on European matters to the Rail Freight Group, having been its chairman for over 15 years. RFG is the representative body of the UK rail freight industry. He joined the House of Lords in 1994, firstly as a hereditary peer but from 2001 a Life Peer. He is a Board member and past President of the European Rail Freight Association, the grouping of private operators and other companies promoting European rail freight transport and its stakeholders active in that area through the complete liberalisation of the market: More recently, he is also Vice President of Allrail, a European representative body of private operators and other companies, primarily in the passenger rail sector, with similar objectives to ERFA.
He has many years’ experience in rail policy work, and has a wide knowledge of European rail freight and transport generally, the challenges across all member states and the need to find solutions to the funding, congestion, emissions and service quality of the transport sector. He was chair of the European Commission’s RU Dialogue Subgroup on access to facilities that provided the industry input to the legislation. Tony Berkeley sits in the UK House of Lords and was an opposition Transport Spokesperson 1996-7. He was Public Affairs Manager of Eurotunnel from 1981 until the end of construction of the Channel Tunnel in 1994 and, before that, worked for George Wimpey plc on a number of civil engineering projects in the UK and overseas. He is a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport and Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK. He speaks French and some German.
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